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Co-Active® Gen Y/Millenials Coaching

Gen Y/Millennials (born between 1977 and 1999) are going to transform the workplace over the next five years. Employers must begin adapting to the challenge of these generations to remain sustainable. Having cross generational strategies for retention and engagement can save a company a significant amount of money every year in turnover, training, recruitment, and lost productivity. Developing experienced and skilled young managers will become vital to any organization hoping to compete in the future. Given their expertise and enthusiasm, members of Gen Y will be able to meet the need, but retaining them can be a real challenge

Gen Y expects to be utilized. Gen Y enjoys a challenge; however, they also expect to utilize the core skills for which they were hired. If they don’t feel they are being utilized to the fullest potential they often become promptly disengaged. Gen Y values opportunities for growth and development.

Gen Y are eventually going to be the next set of leaders in organizations. To maximize productivity and retention, providing Coaching in certain competencies or skills is crucial. Coaching will increase the employee’s level of competence and significance and thus increase engagement, performance and retention.

These are the leaders of tomorrow. If you are one of Gen Y or are leading Gen Y, know that coaching skills will fast track this generation because they respond so well to it. They will model and adopt coaching behaviour and share it with others. They thrive in a coaching environment, and also Gen Y is bursting with new ideas and a desire to share them. A good Gen Y coach will show them how to bring out the best in their ideas.


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CTI® is an Industry Leader
Over the last 15 years, CTI has trained over 35,000 Co-active® coaches worldwide and today trains more new coaches each year than any other training program.
The Quality of our Trainers is Unparalleled
Thanks to CTI's faculty of highly trained, course leaders, wherever you are in the world, you can be assured of the exemplary and consistent standard of our training.
CTI's Proprietary Method of Coach Training
The Co-Active Coach® Training process happens organically from a place of authentic being, listening and encouragement, to uncover the best in oneself and others.
Person to Person Experiential Training
Uniquely, at CTI, the experiential learning process begins from day one in small groups of no more than 26.
International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified
Our founders' involvement with the International Coach Federation (ICF) from its very inception has resulted in a significant influence on the industry, including much of the ICF framework of coaching competencies and ethics.
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